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Unlimited Car Washes!

Always want a clean car? For one low monthly price you can wash your car every day and as many times as you like!

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Gift Cards makes for a great gift that everyone can use! We provide valuable Gift cards to provide you bonus not only on car washes but also products as well.

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How it works?

From a sleek outer finish to pristine interiors, our mobile car wash and detailing services will surely make you feel like a King of the road. All you have to do is book your slot and we get you car all thats needed, all sparkling.



A full wash service, with an interior vacuum, a thorough cleaning of the car’s interior and exterior windows; the dash; door jambs; and center console are all wiped down.


We use only high – quality & Eco-Friendly products from the world’s best brands. Our auto detailing technicians are trained and equipped with the most advanced, tools & supplies to provide the best auto detailing.


All services bookings and payments can be made online at the convenience of your home and we deliver your car after providing top quality services to optimum customer satisfaction.


At Motogene we make sure that your vehicle are fine tuned for optimum performance levels and our various car treatments prevent rust and corrosion thereby minimising maintenance.

Make Your Car Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been.

We are a value-driven company and is committed to provide vehicle owners with the best car care services that is fast, efficient and friendly.

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Wash your Car with a Spot Free Rinse?

Before starting make sure you got the all the required stuff, Brushes, liquids, Vacuum and cloth. firstly, Wipe clean any dust or stains from the body the dashboard and steering wheel.

Want to make your Car shine inside?

Detailing your car's interior can be a headache. But not if you follow certain tips from the professionals. Before you start to shine make it dust free, All you need to do is vacuum